Perspective from Nature’s Vivid Colors

In April of this year, I stopped to gaze at the compelling beauty of nature’s vivid colors and I decided to take a few photos. In response to this week’s photo challenge, Look Up, I’m sharing two shots of the same tree. As you may notice, I took one photo looking up from under the tree.

Through the lens of my camera, I got a different view of the tree. As with these photos, I have to remind myself to stop and look at situations from different angles, with a fresh set of eyes to gain other perspectives. 

As I write this post, I’m reminded of the film, “Dead Poets Society” in which Robin Williams played the role of an English teacher, John Keating. Keating gave his students a valuable lesson on perspective when he stood up on his desk and asked them the reason for him standing there. Keating said,  “I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”Perspective by Elaine RampersaudPerspective2 (copy) by Elaine Rampersaud


Rookie Scrapbooker

I have emerged from the world of scrap-booking with renewed admiration for all the scrapbookers out there!

This project was conceived when we decided to write birthday letters for a special member of our family who celebrated her 60th birthday earlier this month. I was the project manager! I got most of the letters via e-mail and then I put them into word documents, created text boxes, changed the shape, chose cute fonts, auditioned the paper to see which ones will work best etc.

I also made several trips to the craft store. I scoured the internet for ideas. BIG MISTAKE. Everything I saw looked so professional that the “creative” ideas I had sizzled faster than butter in a hot pan. After willing the “what do I do now” feeling away, I resolved to work with my own inner creativity and I made progress. Thank goodness!

I enjoyed the creative process thoroughly! I am proud of my first attempt.

Here are a few photos:)

The beginning

red cover

The fabric I used to cover the outside cover


The inside cover

r-inside cover (2)

The finished project

scrapbook cover

My Mother’s Salt and Chalk Art


I have been a bit neglectful of my blog recently. If being busy is an acceptable excuse, then I submit this excuse to my readers.

Today, I’d like to share with you a salt and chalk jar my mom created about three weeks ago. I think it’s beautiful and worth sharing with others. I’d love to share your comments with my mother!

Have a great week!

May 19th- adding to the post:

I will certainly share all your lovely comments with my mom.
This creative process (borrowing Pauline’s words) is a result of a very stressful experience my mom had at the end of March. To help her with the situation, I put a weekly plan into action that includes some art. The salt and chalk jar is one of her creations. Thanks again for your beautiful compliments. Here are the steps

1. Put about 3 tablespoons of salt in a flexible paper plate (the thin, cheap ones)
2. Rub the colored chalk on the salt until you have your desired color
3. Pour the colored salt into a clear container
4. Repeat this process with a different color of chalk until your container is full
5. Be careful not to shake your container
6. Get a paper plate for each color of chalk
7. Use one tablespoon of salt at a time  if your container is smaller than the one shown.

If you try it, please share with us:)

Curves at the Gardiner Museum

Photo taken at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, Canada

Photo taken at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, Canada

So I missed the curves photo challenge by a day! I’m still posting  my photo and keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t get a big red X next to my name for late submission! I took these photos at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto last summer. I have no information about this vase except that it must be well liked because it’s featured on two pages on the museum’s website. Why did I take a photo of this vase? It caught my eye. It’s a great piece of art.