30 years…

Thirty years ago, on a warm July 4th, I came to the USA. I am in gratitude for all the experiences and opportunities I’ve had over the past 30 years. I look forward to growing old in this beautiful country, my home, the land of the free, the place where dreams are made possible.

Here is an excerpt from HistoryMiami of my Miami Story that I submitted to the Miami Herald last August. “Miami is my home. I love the cultural, flavorful diversity here. I love it that nobody notices our Guyanese accent! Miami and all those with whom I’ve come in contact have nurtured me into the woman I am today”. Happy July 4th!


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A Tangible Memory: Shadow Box

In 1997, when my husband’s eldest sister lost her battle with leukemia, the girls in the family received a box of clothing from her closet. Among the items in my box was a beautiful Japanese cotton yukata. It looked quite lovely on me, but I didn’t want to keep it all to myself. I thought that I could use it in craft projects as gifts for her brothers and sisters. Additionally, she gifted me with a yukata a few years prior to her passing. Over the years, on special occasions, I brought out the robe and created tangible memories. So far, I’ve created two photo album covers and one scrap-book cover.

In March of this year, I was at a Dollar Store and came across this  quote:

SB quote

Right away I knew that I wanted to use it with the yukata. Subsequently, I took a trip to Michael’s (arts and crafts store) and a shadow box beckoned to me. If you were there, you would have heard it calling out, “Elaine, Elaine please buy me; I am exactly what you need”. Mind you, I’ve never worked with a shadow box, but it looked simple and straightforward.

Armed with my tools and inspiration, I tackled the project and I’m happy to share with you the shadow box I made from my sister-in-law’s yukata. This is now a part of the art in my home.

shadow box (1)

The quote is a reflection of the life she lived.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Early School Days Memories

It has been a hectic beginning of the new school year for me and it would appear that I’ve forgotten how taxing the first few weeks can be on my body and my mind. As a result, I’ve taken a step or two or several away from blogging, but I’m hoping to catch up with my reading and writing soon.

Since all I seem to think about is school, today’s post is about some early school days memories. Before I started “big school”, my mom took me to a “bottom house school” for a few months. The “big school” was the Primary School and the “bottom house school” was held at someone’s home. It was made up of a small group of children and was run by a mom. It got the name “bottom house” because of the structure of the house. In those days most of the houses were on posts (stilts) and the open area under the houses was used for various reasons. The teacher placed jute bag mats on the mud floor and that was where the children sat with their slates and slate pencils.

I have only one memory of the Bottom House School. It was time for my brother to pick me up because I saw the children from the Big School walking home, but the teacher told me that she won’t let me go until I did my sums. I started to cry bitterly because I couldn’t do the addition. I doubt that I got the correct answers. I can’t recall how long she kept me back or what state I was in when my brother arrived. I’m glad I don’t remember. 🙂

On my first day of Big School, my mom gave me one cent to buy a treat during the morning recreation (recess). The little tents with treats were outside of the school yard, on the street. I suppose that my mom told my brother to take care of me because he made sure that he took me to get my treat. There were only about three or four tents. Some of the vendors sold plantain chips, tamarind balls, sugar cake, fudge, fruits etc. The item that caught my eye was a red fudge. I was hesitant to buy the fudge because the vendor was the same “teacher lady” from the Bottom House School! However, I must have felt safe with my brother because I bought the red fudge with my cent!

Do you have some early school days memories to share?

Here is a house on stilts. The Bottom House School I attended was definitely not as pretty or as big as this house!

House on stilts Credit: Bing Images

House on stilts
Credit: Bing Images

Vacation Fun

When I was out on vacation, I took a trip to Canada and my friend, Sharon took my daughter and I to  Niagara Falls I won’t ever get tired of the falls.  What is life without a bit of risk?  Here I am just being silly!



Do you think it’s possible to be in two places at the same time? My answer is a resounding YES. Here I am in two places at the same time.  I’m straddling the boundary line for Canada and the United States. It rained while we were at the falls, hence the raincoat.

The photo with the finger looks like finger belongs to someone else, but it’s my finger 🙂

I’d love to hear about some of your vacation fun!

boundary line

The Secret Finger!

straddling the country boundary line

Key West Sunset

Twenty eight years ago, on June 21, on a rainy Saturday morning in Guyana, Neville and I were married. Reverend Harsham came to our home and performed a simple wedding ceremony.

Last Saturday, on a rainy morning, my husband and I took a trip to Key West, Florida. We had lots of fun walking on Duval Street, taking photos at the Southernmost Point, and watching the sunset on our dinner cruise. It was a fitting celebration for our 28th wedding anniversary!

Thanks for stopping by and do enjoy the Key West sunset on the first day of summer!



Ribbet collage (Sunset)

Saved by the bell?

Saved by the Bell


Credit: Bing Images

Credit: Bing Images

Here’s a reflection from when I was 13 years old in 3rd form in secondary school.  My English teacher was not engaging at all that afternoon and since I was sitting toward the back of the class, when the bell rang, I dashed out of the classroom with two of my peers. Yes, I was saved by the bell. Not really. Miss K. saw when we left and sprung into action.  She took the attendance before dismissing the class and then got the register (attendance records) from the office to verify who was absent from school that day.

The next day, when she arrived to class, we were punished. We had to write “I will not disobey the rules” 100 times. That was the first and final punishment I ever received for the duration of my secondary school experience. Whenever I think of this incident I always smile because that behavior was out of character for me. Was I saved by the bell? Perhaps, I was. If Miss K. didn’t catch me, I probably would have skipped class the next time I thought that my English teacher would not be engaging. Then again, I was thought of as a “model student” and I couldn’t spoil that title, could I? 🙂



A Tribute to Kate Sarrami

Credit: Bing Images

Credit: Bing Images

Today’s post is dedicated to Kate Sarrami from Toronto, Canada.

Most pre-teens want to snuggle up in bed on a Sunday morning, especially on a cold Sunday morning, but not Kate. This morning, while most of us were still in the Land of Nod, Kate stood alongside her mother, my childhood friend with about 7,000 other participants to run the Toronto Yonge Street 10 K. Kate, the athletic 12-year-old could not resist the mother-daughter running challenge her mom proposed to her a couple of months ago.

It was a mere two degrees Celsius when they arrived at the starting point armed with their running attire, warm smiles,  and enthusiasm. The weather was no deterrent to Kate. She was pumped. It was her first official running event and she could hardly wait for the wave of runners ahead of her to step over the starting line. She was all ready to go…ready to hit the asphalt and to cross that finish line before her mama. She did! With a delightful smile on her face and joy in her heart, Kate crossed the finish line in 51 minutes and 34 seconds. As for her mom, she clocked in at 58:56.

Congratulations to Kate for her perseverance in her first running event! Hats off to Kate!

Photographer: R. Sarrami

Photographer: R. Sarrami


Sharon's Collage

Sharon’s Collage