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National Coloring Book Day

Today is National Coloring Book Day – August 2nd is the day set aside to have fun with your colors and patterns. Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, you see coloring books, and not just for the little ones, but for grown-ups too. This adult coloring trend is rapidly growing across our nation and who knows if it will stick around or would fade, as in the case of some other trends.

As a child, I didn’t have coloring books. I’m sure some children had them, but we didn’t have extra dollars for such luxuries. Instead, we made and colored our own drawings. As a result, I don’t have any particular inclination toward coloring books. I’m sharing this bit of information because I was surprised when I decided to start coloring bits and pieces of Nandi’s coloring book (Nandi is my baby, my last grown-up, 23 year old child).

Last week, I decided to color an entire page in Nandi’s book, instead of one or two drawings. I must say that it was very relaxing. I hear a lot about practicing mindfulness, but I did not expect to experience such inner quiet while my Crayola pencils glided slowly along the curves of the flower pattern and across the page.

There was no rush with the coloring – I took my time to audition the colors for each flower and once I got started, the minutes just rolled away and lulled me into a state of calm and peace. I was wrapped up in my quiet thoughts in the world of coloring. 

It was a good decision when I picked up Nandi’s coloring book and her colored pencils! Little did I know that I would enjoy coloring so much, or it would have given me the opportunity to write a blog post. I now have a deeper appreciation for adult coloring books!

Have you done any coloring recently?

Here is picture of my coloring.


Celebrating National Coloring Book Day!

18 thoughts on “National Coloring Book Day

  1. Elaine, I had the same experience as a child, making my own patterns on paper and coloring them as part of Art Class. Yes, as I look back at that experience, I used to look forward to that class because I was in my own relaxing zone. Perhaps, I will start coloring to go back to that relaxing zone again. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nicely done, Elaine. Oh yes, I love to color. Aside from working jigsaw puzzles, it’s the only thing that keeps me still. I have one especially designed for writers. Perhaps I’ll blog about it one day. Have a great day!

  3. Your colouring looks lovely Elaine, I like your colour choices – and isn’t it a soothing and contemplative exercise. i find it akin to gardening when the hours just slip by and my mind is empty of any rubbish. I have a couple of books. I don’t get to it very often, but I opened one two evenings ago and sat and quietly worked with my coloured pencils for a happy couple of hours. I noticed I slept very well that night 🙂 Maybe it is time to treat yourself to your very own colouring book…….. xoxo

    • Thank you, Pauline. Indeed, coloring is soothing. I can’t compare it to gardening because I don’t do any gardening. I used to plant and tend to some flowers years ago, but now my husband does all of that. Ah, good to know that you spent some happy time with your own coloring recently. Yes, I ought to get my own coloring book. I’m also thinking that I’d edit some of my photographs to look like drawings and then color those. Have a pleasant day, my friend. Happy coloring!

  4. Your coloring is beautiful, Elaine. I had coloring books as a child but I wasn’t very good with staying within the lines. Perhaps, no surprise. I did do a bit of “coloring” today, of a digital variety. I need to include the results with my Thursday Door.

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