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Perspective from Nature’s Vivid Colors

In April of this year, I stopped to gaze at the compelling beauty of nature’s vivid colors and I decided to take a few photos. In response to this week’s photo challenge, Look Up, I’m sharing two shots of the same tree. As you may notice, I took one photo looking up from under the tree.

Through the lens of my camera, I got a different view of the tree. As with these photos, I have to remind myself to stop and look at situations from different angles, with a fresh set of eyes to gain other perspectives. 

As I write this post, I’m reminded of the film, “Dead Poets Society” in which Robin Williams played the role of an English teacher, John Keating. Keating gave his students a valuable lesson on perspective when he stood up on his desk and asked them the reason for him standing there. Keating said,  “I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.”Perspective by Elaine RampersaudPerspective2 (copy) by Elaine Rampersaud

14 thoughts on “Perspective from Nature’s Vivid Colors

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    • I still have to figure out the name of this beautiful tree. Maybe, on a second look, the possibility of getting dizzy won’t be there. How are Sid and Orlando? Thank you for visiting and commenting, especially since you’re taking a bit of time off from your own blogging. Have a great week, my friend. Xoxox

      • We are all doing well, thanks for asking Elaine. Surviving our coldest winter in forever I think – but still managing to get our daily walks in, even if for just half an hour. It is lovely catching up with the summer time activities of my NH friends ❤

  2. From both angles, that tree is beautiful, Elaine. What kind is it? The world around us seems to be all about perspective…it’s a shame more people don’t that the time to look at things from different angles.

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