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No Sausage, please!

Okay, today’s post is a bit of a rant.

I don’t like to fuss over the cost of my food, but I think what happened last week was “highway” robbery, or more fittingly, “drive-thru” robbery. I was at a restaurant chain, which will remain unnamed (the Golden Arches) and I was overcharged. Yes, overcharged because their “machine” doesn’t allow them to adjust any prices. I ordered a sausage “golden arches” muffin with egg, but without the sausage. I asked the person who took my order not to charge me for the sausage. She said that it can’t be done because the machine doesn’t allow her to do so. She will have to charge me the full price. Since I was in the drive-thru, and I was aware that folks were behind me, I allowed her to charge me the full price.

What she should have done: ring up the price for an egg, a muffin, and the cheese separately.

I know it is possible because this courtesy was extended to me in the past

Lesson for me: The next time I want to order anything other than coffee, find a parking space, walk into Yellow Arches, and place a face-to face order.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!


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17 thoughts on “No Sausage, please!

  1. Elaine, I’m surprised you’ve gotten away with not paying for the sausage before. The only fast food chain I know allowing any leeway to the menu is Burger King, claiming that each hamburger is done according to exactly what the customer wants. Fast food chains, overall, aren’t known for service the individual customer and, instead, are known for serving the masses.

  2. Elaine, I thought you were going to end up reminding me of Jack Nicholson in “Five Easy Pieces.” The ironic thing about this is that they have a sausage biscuit on the menu. So, you can get, and pay for, just sausage, sausage and cheese, or sausage, egg & cheese, but you can’t seem to avoid the sausage.

    • Dan, I posted this comment on May 22nd, with the intent of replying to you.

      Ah, Five Easy Pieces…funny!
      Maybe the folks in charge of menu ought to revisit their offerings:-)
      Thanks for stopping by.

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