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A Tangible Memory: Shadow Box

In 1997, when my husband’s eldest sister lost her battle with leukemia, the girls in the family received a box of clothing from her closet. Among the items in my box was a beautiful Japanese cotton yukata. It looked quite lovely on me, but I didn’t want to keep it all to myself. I thought that I could use it in craft projects as gifts for her brothers and sisters. Additionally, she gifted me with a yukata a few years prior to her passing. Over the years, on special occasions, I brought out the robe and created tangible memories. So far, I’ve created two photo album covers and one scrap-book cover.

In March of this year, I was at a Dollar Store and came across this  quote:

SB quote

Right away I knew that I wanted to use it with the yukata. Subsequently, I took a trip to Michael’s (arts and crafts store) and a shadow box beckoned to me. If you were there, you would have heard it calling out, “Elaine, Elaine please buy me; I am exactly what you need”. Mind you, I’ve never worked with a shadow box, but it looked simple and straightforward.

Armed with my tools and inspiration, I tackled the project and I’m happy to share with you the shadow box I made from my sister-in-law’s yukata. This is now a part of the art in my home.

shadow box (1)

The quote is a reflection of the life she lived.

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12 thoughts on “A Tangible Memory: Shadow Box

  1. I remember an earlier post you wrote about your sister-in-law, though sadly I cannot recall what you made then. This new creation is a wonderful way of keeping her memory alive for your entire family. xo

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