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Self Care this Summer

Too often, we are so engaged and at full throttle with all that’s going in our lives that we forget to take time for ourselves and practice self-care. During the school year, I’m focused on student achievement, mastery of goals, professional development, meeting deadlines, stressing about high stakes testing, coordinating events, and the list goes on and on.

This summer I’m taking deliberate action to implement self-care.

Here is a list of some of the self-care behaviors I’ve been practicing…

  1. No rushing to do anything
  2. Increasing my water intake
  3. Staying away from negative conversations
  4. Trying out a steam inhaler to soothe my vocal cords
  5. Giving out the Silent Treatment
  6. Adding in healthy foods
  7. Body massages
  8. Essential oil treatment for my scalp and hair
  9. Catching up with my reading
  10. Spending time with relatives
  11. Long conversations with friends at breakfasts and lunches
  12. Work related workshops to upgrade my skills
  13. Appointments with doctors
  14. Nurturing an attitude of gratitude
  15. Starting AND completing small projects in the home (things I’ve been putting off)
  16. Nurturing friendships and relationships
  17. Shopping for shoes
  18. Organizing my study
  19. Trying out stretching exercises from Youtube
  20. Practicing my public speaking skills
  21. Keeping a calm, even temperament

Would you like to share some of your self-care behaviors?

Thank you for visiting!

Here’s a photo (taken mid-sentence) as I practiced my public speaking skills.

Photo Credit: FIU College of Education

Photo Credit: FIU College of Education


14 thoughts on “Self Care this Summer

  1. Love your list! It is an inspiration to make my own.
    Top of my list is “act as if” this comes from a self help type documentary of some description which I no longer have any information of but still remember the message… Act as if you are happy, act as if you are healthy, act as if you are ……. the list goes on and when you act as if, you don’t allow the negative things to hold you back. I’ve found it to be true – when I remember to do it!!

    • Danellajoy, I’m delighted that you shared “act as if”. It is so true. I’m familiar with, “fake it till you make it”, but I like yours better. I will put it into practice. Thanks for the visit and comment 🙂

  2. Elaine, you look relaxed and confident in that photo – and so beautiful too! What an excellent self-care list, it seems you have all the bases covered as they say. I’m a bit off my game at the moment and am just organising myself to get back on…… Your post is timely and helpful!! xoxo

  3. Look at you! You are too cute, Elaine! Great picture! I love your list. I’ve been focusing lately on your first item. I need to slow down. I’ve also implemented a new rule, no internet until the writing gets done. I’m just too easily distracted. This rule has worked wonders.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Jill. 🙂
      Yes, slowing down can work wonders. I like your “no internet” rule – it’s a good one to implement. I will try it, not just for staying on writing task, but also for other goals.
      Congrats again on meeting your writing deadline!

  4. That is a wonderful list. It’s important to write things down. Even if I don’t live up to everything on my list, just having it makes me more aware.

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