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Globe Planter

A tilted view of the planter

Re-purposing an old globe into a planter

I’ve been organizing my study, packing away books, tossing things out, and basically doing boring stuff for the past few days. However, on Thursday, I took on a fun project. I re-purposed an old globe. I created a planter that is now a “world class” one among the few that we have around our home.

Last week’s: Photo challenge- Off-season. summer can be an off-season time for school, but now with my re-purposed globe planter, we can all learn a little something from it.

Steps to make the globe planter:

  1. Mark the area that you want to cut with a permanent marker.
  2. Get an old knife with a pointy tip.
  3. Light a candle and heat the tip of the knife.
  4. Insert the heated knife on the line you drew. The heat melts the thick plastic material.
  5. Repeat step 4 until the top of the globe is off.
  6. Place a plant in the planter.
  7. Admire your re-purposed globe!

Additional things I need to do:

  1. Paint the bottom of the base, so it doesn’t rust.
  2. Make holes in the bottom of the globe to let out water.

Thank you for stopping by!

Globe-top removed


13 thoughts on “Globe Planter

  1. What a great idea…. so much better to repurpose something you like than have to give it away or worse yet, toss it!

    • Dan, initially I was going to use a little saw, but I knew that would entail too much exerertion of energy on my part (I wanted an easier method). I remembered that when we needed to make an opening in a belt (when I was in Guyana) we used to heat the tip of a nail or an ice pick to create a neat hole. I applied the same strategy to the globe- in the comfort of my sofa with minimal effort.

    • Taking a bow here, Jill😄
      The neat thing about this planter is that I can tilt it to show off the beauty of the cascading plant. Enjoy the balance of your weekend! My continued best wishes to you with your writing goal.

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