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Vegetable and Fruit Smoothie

Veggie and Fruit Smoothie

Healthy [hel-thee]


Possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality:

a healthy body; a healthy mind.

Although I’ve fallen off the healthy path several times this year (and it’s only May), I always manage to haul myself up and do a little something to get back on track. Today, I made a delicious veggie and fruit smoothie in my vitamix blender.


3 overflowing handfuls of Kale

½ cucumber

2 radishes

½ sweet orange pepper

5 baby carrots

1 mango

1 handful of mixed frozen berries

24 raw almonds

2 cups water


Put everything in the blender to the smoothie setting and in less than a minute be ready to enjoy a delicious, healthy smoothie.

This recipe yields three of the receptacles shown in the photo.

It’s even tastier when it’s chilled.

If you try this recipe, do let me know.


16 thoughts on “Vegetable and Fruit Smoothie

  1. Looks like you are doing well Elaine – what a great great mixture! I haven’t made one with all these ingredients exactly [mine tend to be a bit simpler] so will do my best to mix it up!

  2. I need to try this! Yes, yummy and healthy. I usually mix kale and spinach with almond milk, water and 1-2 kinds of fruit. Mango, papaya, blueberries, pineapples. Been adding protein shake on it too. Now that Summer is just 2 weeks away, healthy smoothie is the way to go. Best of blessings to you and your family.

  3. Elaine, this is a great combination! I’ve made the fruit smoothie with all of your fruits plus 1/2 of a banana and fresh pineapple; and I’ve made a vegetable smoothie with most of your ingredients and LOTS of kale, but I’ve never put them all together. As I read your recipe, though, suddenly it looks soooo good, so tomorrow I’ll combine them!

    • Glad to know that you’ll be trying this recipe, Marylin. I hardly make fruit smoothies. I lean toward the veggies. Yesterday was the first time I tried the sweet pepper. I usually put a small piece of fresh ginger, but didn’t have any on hand.

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