Vegetable and Fruit Smoothie

Veggie and Fruit Smoothie

Healthy [hel-thee]


Possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality:

a healthy body; a healthy mind.

Although I’ve fallen off the healthy path several times this year (and it’s only May), I always manage to haul myself up and do a little something to get back on track. Today, I made a delicious veggie and fruit smoothie in my vitamix blender.


3 overflowing handfuls of Kale

½ cucumber

2 radishes

½ sweet orange pepper

5 baby carrots

1 mango

1 handful of mixed frozen berries

24 raw almonds

2 cups water


Put everything in the blender to the smoothie setting and in less than a minute be ready to enjoy a delicious, healthy smoothie.

This recipe yields three of the receptacles shown in the photo.

It’s even tastier when it’s chilled.

If you try this recipe, do let me know.