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STRESS MANAGEMENT 101 – Taking care of me!

Although Stress Awareness Month in the United States is in April, I’ve decided that blogging about it a couple of weeks earlier won’t cause any stress. Stress Awareness Month was established in 1992 by the Health Resource Network, Inc. The HRN is a non-profit organization founded in 1982 by Dr. Mort Orman, M.D.

We all have different ways of dealing with stress and sometimes trying to find ways to cope can also be stressful! Last year, I wrote about some of the ways I cope with my stress  STRESS HAPPENS! This year, I have the expertise of my friend, a Mental Health Counselor.

From the Desk of Patti Ortega

STRESS MANAGEMENT 101 – Taking care of me!

Stress is what we experience when there is a change in our lives.

Coping is how we manage stress or take care of our thoughts and feelings.

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

Nine Coping Skills (from The Coping Skills Workbook):

1.Deal with your feelings.

  •   Identify how you feel. Expand your feelings vocabulary.
  •   Accept your feelings. Allow for self-compassion.
  •   Express your feelings appropriately… without hurting others

2.Discover your choices.

3.Ask for help (family, friends, coworkers, or professional help).

4.Accept imperfection. It’s okay to make mistakes.

5.Plan ahead. Avoid procrastinating.

6.Give yourself a relaxation break. BREATHE! Meditate or pray.

7.Take one step at a time. Prioritize. Keep moving forward.

8.Take care of yourself. Eat well. Sleep well. Exercise.

9. Adjust your attitude. Find the silver linings.

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

I can cope with and reduce stress in my life:

  • Through supportive friendships
  • Through proper exercise
  • Through an interesting hobby
  • By knowing my feelings
  • By making time for me… to relax, daydream, enjoy, laugh, and have fun.
  • Through proper time management. Knowing what’s most important.

From Living With Stress: Activities to Help Children Cope with Difficult Situations

Here is a note about Patti:  Quality Counseling 

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), she provides compassionate and quality care in helping adults and children develop effective coping skills and improve their relationships. She specializes in treating anxiety and depression using a cognitive-behavioral approach. She has extensive experience working with school-aged children.


13 thoughts on “STRESS MANAGEMENT 101 – Taking care of me!

  1. I needed to read this as through the years I’d been battling with stress, sometimes too much I get anxiety and panic attacks. I noticed exercising helps, taking my mind off it by doing what I love, praying and reading God’s words and offering all my worries and problems to him, the past several months been trying to live healthier too but eating right, doing cleansing and detox and alkalization. A lot of our bodily pains, aches and other problems can be attributed what we put in our bodies through the years on top of the environmental bad elements, not to mention the human drama.

  2. Peculiar that you would be blogging about this right after a stressful day from h*** that I had yesterday. Was it that I allowed myself to blow some steam or was it that my mom called at just the right moment? Either way, I calmed down immediately and was able to take that one step at a time after that. 🙂

  3. I find #3 to be one of the hardest things for me. I’m amazed at how God is having me work on this. Not there yet. All of these tips have been useful. My thanks to Patti.

    • KB, as you continue to work on it, you will find that it becomes easier. I feel that reaching out for help builds trust between me and the person whom I’m asking. It is highly possible that someone might think of me as incompetent, but I try not focus on that aspect on the “power of asking”. I always ask with the intention of receiving:)
      Thank you for sharing this comment; you will soon be in your comfort zone.

    • KB, I have more to add…
      Several years ago, I reached out to someone in my profession for help and she responded with a statement that suggested that it was something I should have known. I was quite embarrassed and became afraid to ask for help. A year later, someone else said to me that she didn’t know I was new because I never asked for help. That was when I realized that I shouldn’t have taken that one person’s rejection so seriously. I lifted myself up and decided that I will reach out to others; it didn’t matter if I got a negative or positive response. I learned to brush things off and keep moving. 😄

  4. Elaine, your timing with this helpful post is perfect. The past week had conflicting stresses–a rare and stressful event–and though I was coming through it and doing two of the things, the others on the list are an excellent boost. Like Dan, I especially appreciate #7. Thank you.

  5. Dan, I like # 7 for both work and my personal life. I often remind myself that once I’m heading in the right direction, the small steps I take will eventually get me to my goal.
    I think that your former boss is a wise person!
    I’m sure Patti will appreciate your comment. Have a pleasant and stress-free week:)

  6. I find #7 to be particularly important at work Elaine. People who stress of pending deadlines and large projects really can benefit from breaking those projects into small manageable chunks and knocking them off one-by-one. One of my former bosses explained that to me as being the most important thing to being successful (or at least not going nuts) at work.

    This is a very good post.

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