Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s post is quite short. Just a simple and meaningful quote that I want to share with you.

Side note: I am writing directly in WordPress. I usually write in Word and then do the ” copy and paste” thingy😄

if you are interested in learning about some really neat techy options for your writing and publishing, do check out Dan’s blog at no facilities.com (not able to link it). The link tab was active, I did what I needed to do, but nothing happened.  I don’t know where it will show up😄


Clean your Computer Day

Did you know that the second Monday in the month of February is designated National Clean Out Your Computer Day? I did not. I heard about this recently and decided to do the “google search” and true enough, I found the information. Well, you and I know that not everything on the Internet is accurate, however, having an annual clean up for the computer makes sense. Now, for all the computer savvy folks out there, please take pity on the poor souls who didn’t know about this day.

My dear readers, February 9th is the second Monday of February, so do take note that Clean Your Computer Day is tomorrow.

Here’s my admission: I have scores and scores of e-mails and files that have become nothing but clutter. I know that I’ve got to delete, yet I procrastinate.

Here’s my declaration: I will start the decluttering today.

Here’s what I hope won’t happen: I hope that I don’t clean out too much and then have to worry about recovering!

Do you need to clean up and declutter?

Photo credit: Google Images

Photo credit: Google Images