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In the Back

In one of Dan’s posts, he talked about asking the sales girl  in the clothing department to “check in the back” for an item he wanted. Well, Dan got me thinking about the times I’ve also asked the sales person to check in the back for me…here is success story.

A few months ago, I went shopping for new shoes. Well, I didn’t really leave my home with the intention of buying shoes, but many women will agree with me that if you go to the department store, you MUST visit the shoe department. In my case, without fail, the shoes ALWAYS beckon me over, and being a very obedient lover of shoes, I ALWAYS comply. What can I do? I have very little resistance…sighing here, just thinking that I ought to cultivate some discipline.

So, obedient me walked around and walked around until I spotted a pair of shoes that called to me by name, “Elaine, Elaine, come and try me”. Of course, I rushed over and tried them on. They were perfect for me to wear to work! To top it off, they were on sale. My lucky day, won’t you agree? As I was trying them on, the sales person came over to me and we started chatting about the “bargain” for such a nice brand of shoes and in our conversation, she said, “we sometimes have Clarks on sale too”. Well, shoe lovers know that Clarks are great shoes for folks who stand almost all day and my ears just perked up and triggered a question.

Without hesitation, I asked the sales lady, “Do you happen to have any Clarks on sale”? To my delight, she said that they did have a few pairs. She then added a “but”, “but you may not like them”. I was curious as to why I won’t like them and asked her for the reason. The shoes came with shoe laces! Well, I tie shoe laces for others several times a day, it won’t hurt to tie my own 🙂  I asked her to take me over to the Clarks with shoe laces that I might not like and she said she’ll have to bring them to me. Why? The reason she gave me: They were “in the back”. Although I was puzzled as to why the shoes were in the back, I didn’t ask inquire. I know when to zip my lips. You and I know that she could easily go to the back and return with a “sincere” apology.

My Shoe Angel must have been with me that day because the sales lady came back with a lovely pair of Clarks that was at a clearance price for $9.99. The original price was $80.00. What a bargain!  The shoes were perfect for me; the second pair of perfection for the day. With shoes secured in hand, I asked the burning question. “Why do you have these Clarks in the back room”? Her response stunned me. “The customers don’t take care of the shoes, so we keep them in the back”. Hmmm…that didn’t make sense at all, at least to me. If the customers don’t see the shoes, how would they buy them? I didn’t say any of this out loud; I was thrilled with my two pairs of shoes.

Do you have any “in the back” experiences?

clarks shoes


12 thoughts on “In the Back

  1. I too have the shoe calling. I might try and ask what they have in the back. Thanks for sharing. I also sold shoes back in my days of job hunting. But that answer was even new to me.

  2. I have asked them to check in the back, many times. They usually say they don’t have any more in the back. Most times, I feel like they just don’t want to be bothered to look. Congratulations on your great bargain!

  3. Clarks for $9.99…that is crazy! I would say the shoe Gods were definitely watching over you, Elaine. My “in the back” stories always end the same…”Sorry we are out of stock.” 😦 Congrats on your new shoes!

  4. Love those shoes Elaine! What a great bargain! Clarks and Kumfs are my favourite brands. I don’t have any ‘out the back’ stories as I do most of my shopping on-line where everything is ‘out the back’. 🙂

  5. I am glad your shopping ended with such success Elaine. Thanks for the mention. I remember one time that I needed a bunch of powerstrips got work. I stopped at a hardware store and bought the 12 that they had on the hooks. The clerk asked me if I could put two or three back becsuse he didn’t like seeing empty hooks. Keeping stock out of sight, not selling stuff, a lot I don’t understand about retail.

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