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Discipline: My Wish for 2015

Yippie! This is my first post for 2015 and I hope that I will cultivate the discipline, like so many other bloggers to get down to posting more often. The few of you who stop by to comment know that I am not gone from the blogsphere, I do pop in to visit and comment on your posts. I am still around 🙂 What shall I write about today? Ok, let me begin by wishing all of you a fabulous 2015! I know it is not too late to extend these greetings. After all, good wishes are never too late. Thanks to my friend Jill who asked her readers about their wish for 2015. She inspired this post!

A wish I have for myself this year is to be more disciplined.

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

Last June, when I did my annual blood work, the results were startling. I was classified as “pre-diabetic”. It scared me and continues to scare me because both of my parents have diabetes. Since the results came back just before my summer trip, I decided to take a serious look at the way I eat upon my return. I did just that in July.

I made a few changes such as reducing the amount of carbohydrates I eat, especially in the evening and the quantity of sweets I consume daily. I have a terrible sweet tooth, so that was a bit tough. Those dark chocolate covered almonds satisfied my sweet cravings. I was surprised that the changes I made did not make me feel “deprived”. The healthy choices paid off! In October, I repeated my blood work and I was no longer in that “pre-diabetic” status. Yippie for healthful choices!

November came around and I over-indulged with all the lovely pies and delicious “carb-laden” foods. December came along and I submit that I went overboard. January is here and I am challenging myself to get back on track. I am not going to let the abundance of healthy choices available to me go to the wayside. I choose to bring more disciplined healthy eating habits into my life.

Tomorrow, I will begin a workout program with some of my colleagues at work. We have a personal trainer two days a week. I am excited about this group exercise. I know that my colleagues will encourage that discipline that I want to see in 2015.

What is something you wish to have in your life this year?


Fast Facts on Diabetes from CDC – the National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014 (All ages, 2012)

29.1 million people or 9.3% of the U.S. population have diabetes.

Diagnosed: 21.0 million people

Undiagnosed: 8.1 million people

(27.8% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed)


20 thoughts on “Discipline: My Wish for 2015

  1. You’re on the right track, Elaine. And you’re getting good encouragement and suggestions from other bloggers, too.
    I will add only one warning here: in the past six months I’ve had three friends who went in for annual physicals (different clinics, insurance plans and doctors) and all three received at-risk test results that showed the need to make some changes. But as it turned out, all three had also received incorrect print-outs! Two were mistaken numbers with names, so they got someone else’s results; the third was lucky because the physician’s asst. read her results closely, saw that there were results for several tests that hadn’t been ordered, and contacted the lab. It turned out that code numbers had been mis-typed, so the results were applied to the wrong tests.
    It reminds me of the old Reagan motto: Trust but verify. I know that applied to politics and interactions with other countries, but I think it applies to medical tests and treatments as well.

    • Thank you very much for sharing these experiences with my, Marylin. I’m always careful to verify date of birth and date of test, but I’ve never thought of verifying the test codes. That is something I will definitely look into. I have to adopt Reagan’s motto!

      I am glad that your friends caught those serious errors.

  2. I seesaw between eating really well for a few days then craving those darn carbs! Bread is my biggest problem. Several of my friends have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and I am not going down that path. Fortunately I love to exercise but it doesn’t compensate for not eating right. I wish you well.

  3. I think I want more of the same thing you want. Last fall I finally was able to sleep more than three hours during the night. Ever since then, I’ve been sleeping a lot. It’s time to get with the program of life and restrict myself to 8 or 9 hours of sleep.

  4. So lovely to see something from you Elaine, Happy New Year and welcome back!

    Good on you for taking your eating habits into hand and changing up your diet and changing up that ‘pre-diabetic’ diagnosis at the same time. Now you know how easy it is to do and you also know it is a choice you can make every day to improve your quality of life.

    As I think you know, I changed up my lifestyle a couple or so years ago and for me it was the realisation that I could choose to take control of my life and my health that really started me on the road to – well, where I am now 🙂 When I was contemplating giving up sugar altogether it was really scary – it seemed like it would be too hard and require far too much effort on my part – but once I started and realised the benefits in how I was feeling and my energy levels and my general health, which improved out of sight – I wouldn’t consider going back now. These days, when I see what folk are eating and hear their health complaints, I wonder why they don’t put two and two together. But this is just me raving on again – Go Elaine – step into your healthy and well exercised you! Have fun! xoxo

    • Thanks for the greetings and your comment, Pauline. I read that post on your blog about giving up sugar. I think you mentioned a book called, “I quit sugar”. Please confirm title for me. I am taking measures to use less sugar, but it can be difficult. I recall that you said you gave up fruits. Are still making the choice not to eat fruits? Keep sending me your kind encouragement!

      Have a great week!

      • The book is called ‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson. It has lots of really good recipes for snacks and treats so you don’t have to feel deprived. I made a whole pile of stuff up and stored it in the freezer before I started. I found in the end I didn’t need a lot of it as I wasn’t hungry because I was eating good quality food all the time – or most of the time.

        Because my system was so blown out I was behaving as if I was allergic to any sugars, including the good, natural ones found in fruits and root vegetables. So they all went as well for a while. I kept greenish bananas and kiwifruits in and ate one piece of fruit per day. After a year I was able to reintroduce fruits slowly and although I still keep my intake low – one or two per day, I eat any of them now. I eat only organic root vegetables as they are heavily pesticided otherwise and that also seems to be particularly bad.

        There is a website called ‘Food Matters’ that is particularly helpful for changing up your diet – lots of good recipes and information there. Also You Tube is full of interesting bits and bobs. There are also lots of healthy food blogs around which are really inspiring. You don’t have to feel deprived at all.

        Did you see my birthday cake last September? That was all healthy things. I’ve been asked to post the recipe so must do that!

        Hope that helps – if you need anything else just send me an email – I’ll be more than happy to be your changing lifestyle buddy!

        • Oohhh! I’d love to have you as my lifestyle changing buddy!
          Thanks for the title and author of the book and all the other details you’ve given me, Pauline. I will be sure to do some exploring.

          I look forward to the healthy birthday cake recipe:)

          About the fruits, I like my banana very ripe and that’s not too good for me. I try to stay away from bananas. I do enjoy pears, strawberries, blue berries, coconut jelly and guavas as often as possible.

  5. Jill, it was my A1C level that indicated the “pre-diabetic” status. I tried cinnamon a few times in my coffee and enjoyed the taste. I am planning on an exercise routine. I’m happy that your levels are fine now. I lift my hat off to you for not eating sweets!
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.

  6. I’m thrilled to hear my post inspired your post, Elaine! I’m even more thrilled that your glucose levels have dropped. I don’t eat sweets and mine came back elevated last year. I think my number was around 98, not really high, but high enough to freak me out. Since I already exercise like a crazy person, I started to take Cinnamon supplement and putting Cinnamon in my coffee and on some of my foods. In December I had my physical and my levels were fine. Good luck to you as you begin 2015 being disciplined! xo

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