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Face the fear?

Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

You’ve got to face your fear! I’ve heard this many, many times and yet I cannot face my fear. I’m limited by this terrible fear I have of dogs. I say it’s a phobia. My children tell me all the time that I need therapy. I agree. My friend, Pauline, over at The Contented Crafter, recently wrote about her cute and adorable pet puppy, Siddy and I am having fun with him from afar, but I know in my heart if we ever meet, I will close my eyes and cower behind Pauline or anyone or anything that would offer some measure of protection.

I’m often asked if I was bitten by a dog as a child. No. I was chased a few times and that scared me half to death. I don’t enjoy walking in the parks when owners have their dogs without a leash. If I’m invited to someone’s home, one of the first questions I ask, “Do you have a dog”? Hosts usually put their dog away when I visit, but I’m consumed with guilt the entire time and I want to leave as quickly as possible. Not a good way to have fun.

Many years ago, when my son was a baby, I pulled up on my driveway and as I got out of the car a little puppy came up to me. It startled me so much that I climbed on the roof of my car and waited there until a jogger passed by and took the puppy away. Thankfully, it was just about a minute, however, that minute felt like hours.

Another time, when I was a cashier, a customer’s dog (pets were not allowed in the store) came into my cashier register area and scared me so badly that I jumped over the grocery slide. I was ignited by fear.

The only time I was not scared of a dog was about six years ago when someone close to me was in a threatening situation and I was entirely focused on her safety.

I want to be able to pet a dog. I want to be able to have a puppy sit with me. I want to erase my fear of dogs!

Do you have an intense fear of anything?

10 thoughts on “Face the fear?

  1. I hope and pray one day your fear of dogs will go away. I have a fear of speaking in public in a large crowd all by myself. I get anxious and panicky. I do have fear of heights but sometimes brave it up only to regret later like riding a roller coaster. Lately, I overcome fear of “what would ogress think” syndrome. I realized people will always talk about me or my wife even if we are not doing anything wrong against them and some people will never be happy of their friends blessings or Joubert towards independence. The less I worry about what they say, the more free and at peace I feel. God bless. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks for stopping by, IT. I also hope that dogs can be my friends one day. About public speaking, I am comfortable with it. No fear.
      Roller coasters are not fun for me either.
      I am glad that you are overcoming your fear of what people think about you and your family. Just continue to know that you are blessed. Have a great weekend!

  2. My embarrassing fear is of mice. I don’t even know why this is. Could this be why I have 3 cats? You better believe it. 😀

  3. I like all of the above suggestions. I think any one of them would be helpful. I suggest you start small. A friend with a well trained dog would be excellent. This too will be conquered, one day at a time…

  4. I wish Siddy could pay you a visit, Elaine. I know that cute little fella would release you from your fear of dogs. He’s my favorite WordPress puppy! I just want to squeeze his little face every time I see him.
    I can relate to your intense fear of dogs, I have the same fear when it comes to heights. I don’t think I’ll ever get passed it.

  5. Elaine, not every one likes animals, and dogs are often not liked for many reasons by folk. I am always careful around big dogs, especially if I can see their owners are having difficulty handling them. It’s not the dogs fault you know – it is always the owners and the way they treat their pet. But that is a dreadful and crippling fear you have! I am so sad for you that all the pleasure that can be gained from being around well behaved dogs is denied to you.

    Something must have happened to ignite this fear, it is so strong. But you know, you don’t need to go into therapy. You do need to want to change your fear into at least tolerance and possibly even ‘like’. To do this you need to have a good friend with a very calm and well trained dog who is prepared to just let you slowly, very slowly, get used to being around it. From afar at first and, as you feel able, a step at a time closer. No pressure, no expectations – just releasing the fear by becoming familiar with the sight, the sound, the smell. Maybe just walking past the dog, knowing your friend will not let it approach you. Keep doing this until you can approach the dog without your heart beating out of your chest. Later, step two: stop and talk to your friend while the dog sits and waits. Step three might be to touch the dog. But that will come much, much later.

    Another thing you might consider doing is just watching one of the dog training shows that are on TV – just becoming familiar with the way dogs behave, their body language and seeing how the experts handle them can help make you feel more comfortable It’s really just a case of deciding to familiarise yourself with the feared thing until it becomes easier..

    We fear what we don’t understand and becoming familiar with and understanding more about it breaks through the fear.

    I wish we lived closer because I know Siddy would win you over eventually and your fear would be gone.

    Big hugs my dear. You are so brave to reveal your fears – that is the first step! xoxo

    • Pauline, thank you so very much for your thoughtful and valuable response. You’ve given me such valuable and practical points on how to begin the process of ridding myself of my fear of dogs. I do have friends and relatives with puppies. I am confident they will help me get to know and understand their puppies. I never thought of watching a dog training show on TV. What a neat way to get started. I need to take these baby steps.

      I’m sending you a hug for your kind words. Soft pats for Siddy too!

      Have a great day, Pauline.

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