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Key West Sunset

Twenty eight years ago, on June 21, on a rainy Saturday morning in Guyana, Neville and I were married. Reverend Harsham came to our home and performed a simple wedding ceremony.

Last Saturday, on a rainy morning, my husband and I took a trip to Key West, Florida. We had lots of fun walking on Duval Street, taking photos at the Southernmost Point, and watching the sunset on our dinner cruise. It was a fitting celebration for our 28th wedding anniversary!

Thanks for stopping by and do enjoy the Key West sunset on the first day of summer!



Ribbet collage (Sunset)

12 thoughts on “Key West Sunset

  1. Happy Anniversary! You took some wonderful photos. There’s something special about sunsets over the water.

  2. Happy Anniversary! In today’s society, 28 years married to the same person is truly a blessing! Kudos to both of you for honoring your covenant.

  3. Many congratulations and blessings! Our wedding day was on June 15 thirty years ago, in a Colorado garden wedding. Key West or Rocky Mountains, June weddings are very special.

  4. Guyana?!! You two have travelled far ….. the first paragraph is so intriguing!! You are a most handsome couple too, 28 years later. Congratulations and well done and may you have many more wonderful years and celebrations together. xoxo

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