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Rookie Scrapbooker

I have emerged from the world of scrap-booking with renewed admiration for all the scrapbookers out there!

This project was conceived when we decided to write birthday letters for a special member of our family who celebrated her 60th birthday earlier this month. I was the project manager! I got most of the letters via e-mail and then I put them into word documents, created text boxes, changed the shape, chose cute fonts, auditioned the paper to see which ones will work best etc.

I also made several trips to the craft store. I scoured the internet for ideas. BIG MISTAKE. Everything I saw looked so professional that the “creative” ideas I had sizzled faster than butter in a hot pan. After willing the “what do I do now” feeling away, I resolved to work with my own inner creativity and I made progress. Thank goodness!

I enjoyed the creative process thoroughly! I am proud of my first attempt.

Here are a few photos:)

The beginning

red cover

The fabric I used to cover the outside cover


The inside cover

r-inside cover (2)

The finished project

scrapbook cover


10 thoughts on “Rookie Scrapbooker

  1. Hello, amazing book, I hope the recipient is delighted with the gift 🙂 I can’t really say much because when I first visit a blog I’m lost for words, well most of the time, I can be quite talkative (is that a word?!)

  2. Elaine!!! My goodness that is such an ambitious early project, I am so impressed! I was making cards and filling in already made books for a couple of years before I attempted making my first book from scratch. 🙂 This is so lovely and the colours are zingy and gorgeous….. What a fabulous 60th birthday gift! I am sure the recipient would have been so thrilled!

    Well done Elaine – goodness, there will be no stopping now I suspect!

    Oh, and about You Tube and trusting your inner creativity – you did exactly right! You Tube is great for getting ideas [my organisers came from watching a YT video] but then you have to just go with the flow and let your own creativity do what it wants to do, otherwise we would all be creating clones of someone else’s work. The hardest part is learning to trust our own creative instincts I think 🙂

    • Ambitious indeed! Yes, she loved it. I would have liked to show some of the finished pages with the letters, but I must respect the privacy of the letter writers.
      I find myself noticing paper and things that could be embellishments with a different set of eyes these days 🙂 I’ll borrow tips and ideas from books, blogs, You Tube etc,. but I will rely on my instincts.

      Thanks for your lovely and encouraging comment, Pauline.

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