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Busy, Busy , Busy

My Readers,

I’m trying my hand for the first time at scrapbooking and I am consumed by it at present. I’ve read a few blogs, but only managed to comment on three:) Here is what Pauline at The Contented Crafter had to say:

Scrap-booking you say? Well then, you have entered the gates of doom!! There is no going back and soon you will be engulfed in more and better and bigger projects and your family will never see you again! 🙂 It is a wonderful and addictive hobby because there is always something new to learn. I shall look forward to seeing some of your work featured on your blog 🙂

I will return in two weeks, if not sooner. Meanwhile, may the winds of creativity blow my way! I will be brave and share my project with you when I am through. I will also return to read and comment on your blog posts later.

I just heard the call of an unfinished scrap book page!

I’ll be back…later.

Here’s a photo of me when I was a little girl 🙂








14 thoughts on “Busy, Busy , Busy

  1. It is very addicting! Honestly, I think it’s a fun and meaningful activity. Not only do we create a beautiful scrapbook and express that our creative side but we also go back in time and relive the great memories. Love the picture!

  2. Have a wonderful time scrapbooking! We joke that our cousin who scrap books is missing-in-action, but she has some terrific books to show for her time. The picture of you and your brothers is absolutely precious. Ah, the memories!

    • The bow in my hair…I have such fond memories of the ribbons my mom tied in my hair. We still have big smiles when we look at this photo. Check out the socks on one of my brothers. How about that huge hem in my pants? 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a good week!

  3. I have a friend who has been scrapbooking for over 15 years…she’s obsessed. She attends conventions and all night scrapbooking events. If it has to do with scrapbooking, she’s there.
    I love this photo, Elaine and I love Pauline!
    Have fun!

  4. When you start buying tools to make your own stuff because the thousands of premade items aren’t just right, shoot off a flare and we’ll come rescue you. If you want to be rescued. I think it’s like any creative endeavor, you see your work and it inspires more work. I have a wood shop because of those feelings. Enjoy!

  5. What a cute-cute-cute photo! Are those two handsome chaps your brothers? Are they twins? That photo screams ’70’s!’ at me 🙂 [I may be out by a decade though- it’s all so long ago I can scarce remember] Are you going to create a special page for this photo?

    I remeber so clearly how I felt about my first creations – first the panic at the white page – next the tentative placings of colour and embellishments – but the pride when I looked and saw, not just a mere photo, but a beautiful setting that included the photo….. Every page got [mostly] better and better as I learned and experimented and got braver and braver. It is such a wonderful creative journey! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

    • Yes, those two handsome chaps are my brothers! Correct on 70’s. That purple suit belonged to my cousin:)
      The scrapbooking creative process was quite a learning experience. The latest conversation in my home is this: I am auditioning the pages to see which one will work best for the photos. Pauline, I did feel a sense of pride with each page I finished. We now have something else in common!
      Have a great balance of the week:)

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