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On Top: High Heels

My response to this week’s photo challenge – on top. 

The wearer of these shoes didn’t know I was taking photographs!

These women topped off their special occasion with some fine-looking shoes.

Are you into comfort or style?

At a graduation

At a Graduation

At a New Year's Eve Party

At a New Year’s Eve Party


Showing her shoes to her friend in the restroom

Showing her shoes to her friend in the restroom





20 thoughts on “On Top: High Heels

  1. Comfort, Comfort, Comfort!!!!!!!!! Like the old folks say, just keep living. You’ll end up in my shoes someday. 🙂

  2. Hi Elaine, I was thinking about these latest high heels also. I find some of the ones out these days are not even pretty. What I find interesting is when you see a man and a woman together. The man looks so cool walking with his comfortable shoes and the woman looks so uncomfortable and struggling with her high heels. Beauty is comfort and looking cool…

  3. I wonder if any of those people in your photos are going to end up in the hospital because of broken bones and whatnot.

  4. What great pictures, Elaine.
    While she was growing up and practicing walking in my high heels (NEVER THAT high!), my daughter’s friends’ mothers had two different philosophies I’ve never forgotten. One, a high-fashion mom, said this about wearing high heels and tight skirts and push-up bras: “Remember, it’s not how you feel…it’s how you look that counts.”
    The other mom, a chiropractor, said this: “Treat your feet with kindness…you’ll be on a very long journey together and you need to be nice to each other.”
    I vote with the second mom.

  5. Yikes! I’d be falling about all over the place! I am definitely into comfort – though I like my shoes to be pretty too…. I just don’t go for high heels. My latest purchase was a pair of brown lace-up ankle boots with a 1″ heel – which sounds very pedestrian until you see the lace inset panels on the sides. Pretty and comfortable!

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