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The Gym Cops

In response to a statement I made last Saturday night, I received this text from my youngest on Monday, “Gym today with me n sis”. I promptly replied, “I have lots of work to do, go ahead without me”. Not long after, my phone rang and Rosh, my eldest, in a firm voice reminded me that I promised to go with them as a guest. I tried my best to get out of that promise to no avail.

At 6:45 P.M, I trudged to the car. It was as if I was being arrested and carted off to prison. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see so many people on the machines and immediately felt all eyes on me. Not really.

I asked for a tour of the facility, not from my daughters, the gym cops, but from an employee. I wanted an official tour so I could ask lots of questions, delay the exercise, and evade their watchful eyes.

Credit: Bing Images

Credit: Bing Images

After about half hour of touring, questioning, and going over the membership fees, the younger gym cop came up and accosted me. She wanted to know why I was going over membership fees when her gym plan included a guest. I humbly stated that I was simply being polite. I was given a stern warning to get moving. I obliged.

It was a pretty easy decision about the cardio machine. I chose the bike. I spent another five minutes sanitizing it. Well, it was really the tour guide who did the work. As I climbed on to the bike, I gave big, cheery wave to the two gym cops who responded with thumbs up and delightful smiles. I set the timer for a whopping 20 minutes and I rode that bike like an Olympian, or so I thought until I saw the results. What?! Only 67 calories in 20 minutes? I gave myself an “A” for effort.

The gym cops were pleased that I went with them and my heart swelled with pride that my daughters have become my role models for exercising.

Have you ever tried to avoid exercising the way I did?


22 thoughts on “The Gym Cops

  1. I love your Gym Cops. They keep you active and it is healthy at all levels. I am exercise freak and I need to slow down sometimes but being active makes one feel good emotionally as well. So keep up with your lovely Gym cops.

    • I will start back my walking routine next week since I can’t get back into the zumba class right now.
      It’s good to know that exercise is a top priority for you. I have to tell my Gym Cops how many fine compliments they’ve gotten 🙂

  2. This post is so cute! My sister and I are the “gym cops” with my mom, but instead of going to the gym we drag her out on long walks anytime she’s visiting. I think she secretly likes it…very secretly. 😉 But like you said, it’s done out of love.

  3. My better half is like that. Yesterday was windy and cold, but I was still “talked” into going on my run. I felt good after, but I really didn’t want to leave my warm house. A for effort is good!

  4. My problem isn’t that I don’t want to exercise. Mine is trying to find the things I can do to exercise and the equipment I can use. With physical disability, physical fitness takes on a new meaning. Luckily I can use an exer-cycle. I purchased a new one not long ago. I had been using it faithfully until 2 weeks ago when I got all caught up in a new writing project. I definitely need to get back to it. My mind is mush without it.

    • I love all the motivating comments I am getting here! I like how you expressed how not exercising makes your mind. Okay, I’m sending you a virtual nudge to take a break from the writing project and be faithful to your exer-cycle once more, Glynis! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Nice post. I’d say I feel bad for you, but you know they have your best interests in mind. I guess whoever gets you to exercise and however they do it, it’s a good thing. I like to ride a bike. I kept telling my wife that I didn’t want to ride/own an “exercise” bike because they are set up in different configurations. I didn’t think it would be good to combine that with a “real bike.” She bought me a “training bike” – same configuration as real, no excuses left.

  6. I’m glad you went with your family. It does help when we go with someone. Sort of a motivator. I love going to the gym. Health reasons and to sweat stress. My wife in the hand has lots of excuses but I hope she will make a stand one day and work out with me. Happy Sunday!

    • Ops! I just told Gemma that I think the gym is boring and here you are loving it:-) Kudos to you, my friend. My husband and I took a zumba class last year. Maybe you and your wife can take a class together and that will count as working out with you. My husband was the only man in the class and the ladies loved having him there! Happy Sunday to you too.

  7. Very funny Elaine – love the image of your daughters, ‘the gym cops’! Exercise has always been an important part of my life – although I play pairs beach volleyball so it never feels like exercise because I enjoy it so much. On top of that I do a session of yoga a week and walk the dog every day. Seems to banish the cobwebs from my mind – so, sorry I’d have to say no to your question (although I do really struggle with the gym because I find it boring!!)

    • Ah, both you and Pauline do yoga. I shall have to venture out and do more than my tree pose. You ladies are very encouraging. Exercise is on and off in my life. I know the value of it, yet I make up all these excuses. It’s time for me to make a change 🙂 I think the gym is boring too, but I can’t let the gym cops hear me say that!

  8. Oh, Elaine, if you and your daughters can do this together, it will be something you’ll all share and laugh about in years to come. 20 years ago when my daughter was weight training for tennis, we had this exercise routine that now, when we do it, her children just howl. But they want to do it, too. So hang on to these activities!

    • I agree with you Marylin that we will laugh about it. I do have to make myself go with them as their special guest 🙂 I can imagine the laughter from the children when you and your daughter do your routine. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. You had me laughing out loud! Those rash statements that we really ought to know better than let escape our mouths – and wonderful daughters who hold us to our regretted promises! I used to attend a gym, many, many years ago – I even eventually taught yoga classes there – but I am sadly fallen from the bike and never got myself back on it. Now I am newly learning Qi Gong and loving that – more my style – I’m not a fan of sweating 🙂

    But kudos to you – and the girls – for getting there and despite a valiant attempt to evade the issue, getting on the bike and going for it. 🙂 I think it’s not so much about the calories you burn, more the fact that you gave your body a good work out and got your heart rate up. Well done everybody!!

    • I’m glad I made you laugh, Pauline. 🙂 From now on I pledge to edit whatever promises come out of my mouth to the girls. They pay closer attention that I thought. Sorry about the fall from the bike. I’ve heard about Qi Gong- I must read more about it. About yoga, I can do the tree pose, that’s about it! It wasn’t a good workout, Pauline. My heart rate didn’t even go up. Lazy me! I will try again soon. Or, my husband and I can go back to our zumba classes:-)

  10. I was so relieved to read that you sanitized the bike…we must be related, Elaine. 🙂
    Kudos to your daughters. Obviously they are being gym cops out of love.
    For me, exercise keeps me sane. I get more comments of “You’re over doing it.” Perhaps it’s from having two ruptured discs in my back that prevented me from moving, but whatever the reason, if I can move, I will.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Jill, my gym cops love me and want to see me healthy! I’m an on and off “exercise person”. I love walking outdoors.
      Sorry about the ruptured discs- that could be very painful I heard. Keep moving, my friend. I will try to do the same 🙂
      About sanitizing, we must be related!

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