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Busy at 26

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The daily WordPress prompt today asks bloggers about the role of the number 26. Here’s my take on the prompt.

When I was 26 years old, I made a decision to sign up for classes at our community college. I vividly remember sitting with the counselor and saying out loud that four years is such a long time to earn that bachelor’s degree- two years at college and then another two at the university. How would I manage going to school with all the responsibilities I have? I did manage.

At 26, I already had my three children. Goodness, what was I thinking? A young woman, with very young children, a part-time job, and my sights set on earning that degree. Was it a struggle? Absolutely. I was busy. I was stressed. I was determined.  There days when it seemed that nothing went right until I arrived to class and found that the seat I usually sit in was still available.

I have some fond library memories…my children enjoyed going to the college library with me. The youngest loved to wiggle out of my arms and sit on the floor and the two older children felt “older” just by being around all the grown up books. They were fascinated with the automatic library door. They liked to stand in front of it and wave their hands to make it open. It was like magic to them. They had fun going with mommy to the library.

Those two years at college whirred by and on graduating day I proudly posed for pictures with my children. I accomplished the first goal toward the bachelor’s degree with the support of my family.

At 26, I was one busy and determined young woman!

Would you like to share something about yourself when you were 26?

23 thoughts on “Busy at 26

  1. Hi Elaine, enjoyed reading your “Busy at 26”. That was quite an achievement with 3 kids. Hmmm where was I at 26. Gotten married at that age. Two years later we decided to pack up and move from London to Toronto. I like the part where you wrote about your kids surrounded by grown up books. It made me remembered about one year ago, when my son mentioned that he thinks he went into Philosophy because I used to surround him with grown up books, especially spiritual books..love your blog Elaine, still have to catch up on some older posts.

    • Hi Nisa, it is so good of you to visit. Thanks for your sweet words. I’m glad you surrounded your son with books; his journey is a testament of the nurturing you gave him. Do stop by again to see the older posts. I hope to write a new one soon:-)

  2. My mom went to college when I was a kid and I remember going to the library with her and sometimes I went to a class. I was a very quiet child and sat there and read or colored. I thought it was exciting and I was so proud of my mom. Good for you!

    26 was not a good year for me. One mistake after another–I survived and learned a ton.

    • TBM, your 26th year helped to shape you into the person you are today. My children and you have something in common- college library with mom:-)

      I went with my mom to her “Women’s Group” meetings and I also felt very proud of my mom.

  3. 26 was a special year for you, Elaine! I loved this post; the decisions made by moms touch my heart. Actually, some of the dreams we reach for when our children are young end up motivating them, too. Good job, Elaine ~ well done!

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  6. I wouldn’t expect any less from you Elaine. Way to go! Determination is the greatest motivator.
    Gosh, it took me a while to remember where I was at 26. I was working full-time and completing my psychology degree. I had also recently purchased my first home. I felt like a real grown-up…how naïve I was. 🙂

    • Jill, at 26 I was naive in a whole lot of ways! Purchasing a home at that is quite an accomplishment also. I agree that determination is a great motivator. I need to set my mind to other things and stay determined:-)

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  9. Good for you – 3 children, a part time job and study, that’s impressive. I was in the full throngs of a Marketing career at 26, which had I kept up, I’d probably be some high flying Exec by now. But I gave it up when I had children. Worth it as I’m not suited to that world anyway!

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  11. Isn’t it amazing – when we look back and see what we were doing – so much energy and ambition to be the best we can be. I think that is so often the story of our twenties. It is indeed a huge accomplishment – and such a wonderful example for your three children!

    I had a wee think – what was I doing at 26? I had immersed myself into a whole new world, as a young mother I was ‘back to nature’, whole foods and doing my best to lay a solid foundation of health and happiness for my two daughters I gardened, cooked, was part of the original co-op group in our area, sewed, knitted and crocheted. I raised kids and animals on a half acre in the sunny Hawkes Bay…….. That was a great time!!

    • Pauline, you were full of energy and based on your blog, you are still energetic. I cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children. No gardening, knitting or anything like that for me. I must have planted some flowers now and then:-) Oh, I am still trying to get my young adult children to healthfully…it’s a battle!!

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