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Small Change: Healthful Eating

The word diet. What images come to mind when you hear this word? It seems that we hear this word a lot at the end of the year and then at the beginning of the new year. How many times have you heard (or said yourself), “Oh it’s December, it’s the holidays. I will go on a diet in January”. In January we often hear, “My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight”. Familiar? At some point in our lives many of us (present company included), moan and groan about the pounds that silently crept on and took up residence on our bodies. Did it happen silently though? I don’t think so.

Here is an announcement…I am not going on a diet. I plan to change my eating behavior. Small changes.On Tuesday, January 14th, my husband and I attended a nutrition lecture at Baptist Hospital New Year, New You. Lucette Talamas, the dietitian presented an excellent hour of eye-opening information that can put anyone on the path of healthful eating.

Two eating behavior changes for me for the next two months: (1) Eat fruits at least four days per week. (2) Include fish in our meals at least one day per week. At the end of the two month period, I will reassess and make other small changes.

 Baptist Community Health Programs provide free lectures and exercise classes to promote a “Healthier You”. The friendly and professional staff work diligently to ensure that all participants feel welcome and comfortable at all events. Below are photographs of the ladies who helped to make Tuesday’s nutrition lecture possible.

This is Karen Vassel showcasing the healthy snacks Baptist Health Community Programs provided to guests at the event.

This is Karen Vassel showcasing the healthy snacks Baptist Health Community Programs provided for guests at the event.

Ana Diaz and Marie Noguera at the sign in table.
Ana Diaz and Marie Noguera at the sign in table.

21 thoughts on “Small Change: Healthful Eating

  1. I’m glad you wrote about this. I took some good ideas from your readers. This year, I have committed to having a vegetable at least four times a day. So far, so good. Not much weight loss though.

    • Excellent! Changing our eating behaviors take time and losing weight also take time.
      I had a delicious spinach salad with sesame and vinegar dressing topped with strawberries and beets last night. I can’t believe that I enjoyed it because I am not a fan of salads.

  2. I think changing your eating behavior is a much better resolution than a diet. A diet has an end point and really doesn’t help you become healthier long term. Being conscious of what you are putting in your body is so much easier (you can still eat cake! Just not the entire thing!) and better long term! Congrats and good luck! Fruits and fish are definitely a great start!

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Hannah! I agree 100% that being cognizant of what we are eating is a good thing:) I think we all have a diet…what we eat makes up our diet. Some of us have a healthy way of eating that gives our bodies all the nutrition we need (a healthy diet) and some of us choose a way of eating that promises quick weight loss without balanced nutrition (fad diets). Thanks for the encouragement as I change my eating behaviors.

  3. One way I think about diet is, really diet is whatever you are choosing to put into your regular meal planning. For some reason that just seems different to me than trying to make a change for a while in order to loose weight with the idea that I will go back to what I was doing before.

    I am not really concerned with my weight or my food intake but I also decided that I wanted to make small realistic changes this year. I think one of the biggest challenges is knowing what is realistic and sustainable. Mine this year, drink more water, go to bed by 11 most nights, do a one sentence daily journal with my kids, and 5 minute daily meditation. Good luck with your diet changes!

  4. Very valuable advice in your post Elaine. Fresh fruits and veggies and fish, we cannot go wrong by choosing these healthy choices. Keep healthy and thanks for sharing lovely tips with us. Take care and God bless.

  5. What images come to mind when I hear the word diet? Weight gain comes to my mind. I’ve always been a believer that diets don’t work. Every person I’ve known who goes on a diet, might lose weight, but they end up gaining it back and more. The lecture you attended is right on, Elaine, it’s about a life style change and making healthy choices. That’s what keep the weight off or at a stable level as we get older. Yay for you!

  6. Oh those platters of fruit look sooo appealing! I think it’s great you’re changing your eating habits rather than ‘going on a diet’. People are constantly going on a diet and I wonder how much stress it puts on the body. I have promised to give up alcohol for a month and then cut down from there after! I have gotten into a sneaky habit of having a glass or two each night over dinner. Then what with Christmas etc. it’s escalated. So – good luck to you, and good luck to me!

    • The fruits were sweet and crunchy! There must be mental stress with a diet too.
      Best wishes to you as you work on staying off alcohol for a month. Small goals yield results.
      Yes, good luck to both of us:)

  7. Good on you Elaine! Jon Gabriel’s mantra is ‘Add in’ meaning don’t diet, don’t attempt some radical change that will only end in failure, just add in something that is ‘good food’ and slowly move toward more and more of that. He should know, he went from something like 400 lbs to whatever he is now……. slim, trim and very healthy!

    I will soon be celebrating my first year with my new and improved lifestyle and am preparing a post for that momentous day! I have learned so much and would never go back ….

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