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The Intangible Gift

This week’s photo challenge is about  windows. This popular quote by William Shakespeare comes to mind: The eyes are the window to your soul. However, I won’t be writing about this quote today. I have found that the way we interact with each other, the things we share, the gifts we give etc. are windows – glimpses into our lives.

Recently, I got a special glimpse into a child’s world when she presented me with a Christmas gift.

Bianca* eagerly handed me a gift bag and waited quietly for me to open it. In the bag, there was an apple and two items wrapped in white tissue paper. As I took each item out of the bag, I could feel her eyes on me wondering if I would like her gift. The tissue paper loving held a seashell and a beautiful, handmade, red souvenir box from Honduras.

It was only after I asked if her family went to Honduras that I realized it wasn’t the right question. Bianca and her family have never visited Honduras. The souvenir was a gift to her family. She told me that she found the shell at the beach. The apple was part of her breakfast. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with her kind and loving gesture.

This child gave me a glimpse of her beautiful and thoughtful heart when she presented me with her gifts.


I displayed her gifts proudly in my home for the holidays. Each time I looked at her gifts, a tender feeling washed over me. As I write this post, I know in my heart that the intangible gift she gave me will definitely outlast the tangible gifts. I feel blessed to have such a loving and thoughtful child in my life. I am grateful for her gifts.




15 thoughts on “The Intangible Gift

  1. A beautiful gift full of thoughtfulness & love indeed. To me, the most wonderful , adorable gift is that of a child too. My son creates paper stuff, notes, drawings that melts me & his mom’s heart all the time. Have a great day & best of blessings.

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  5. You are so lucky and blessed to have received such a beautiful gift from a loving child. Such a lovely gesture from a lovely and pure heart of a child. Enjoy. Take care and God bless.

  6. This story reveals the heart of a child and the heart of the writer! Bless you for honouring the child’s gift in such a lovely way. We all know that when children choose something from their own store of beautiful treasures to give to us, they are giving a little piece of themselves. I love the way you photographed the treasures too – just beautiful! This little post has quite made my day! xoxo

  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Elaine. Bianca’s parents have obviously done a wonderful job raising a young lady with a heart full of love. Her gift is such a sweet and innocent gesture. This makes me smile. 🙂

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