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Good Things Happened!

In my last post, I shared with you how I’ve had to exercise patience with the retail store that had my computer. Well, I picked it up the night before Thanksgiving (17 days later) and it is working fine at present. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t run into any more issues. My patience paid off.

The mail carrier arrived bearing a gift all the way from New Zealand. I discovered it on my dining table on Thanksgiving morning. While I was out getting my computer, it arrived and nobody told me. I couldn’t open the mailing tube fast enough to see the lovely “Be a Butterfly” print that my blogging friend, Pauline King sent me. Do check out The Contented Crafter here to see how I won this beautiful work of art. Pauline is a truly talented artist and I am delighted to have met her in the world of blogging! Do check out her Etsy Shop when you get a chance.

Pauline King's Work of art. The Contented Crafter at http://paulinekingblog.wordpress.com/

Pauline King’s Work of art. The Contented Crafter at http://paulinekingblog.wordpress.com/

I’m on a mini vacation! I’m blessed to have a job that allows me to be home with my family for four days for the Thanksgiving holiday. We shared a lovely Thanksgiving meal together and later on that evening we decorated our Christmas tree.

Indeed, good things happened! Won’t you agree?

14 thoughts on “Good Things Happened!

  1. That is a beautiful , exciting Thanksgiving surprise. Pauline created a stunning mesmerizing Art piece . I’m happy for you that had an amazing Thanksgiving celebration with family. Indeed there’s so much to be thankful for.

  2. The poster is just beautiful. What a talented artist. I consider myself truly blessed to have spent Thanksgiving with my family. This season is off to a great start!

  3. Yay! So happy to hear your computer is working once again, Elaine…great news! Oh the butterfly print is beautiful! Blogging buds are the best. 🙂 I also enjoyed a mini vacation, it’s been nice. Have a wonderful upcoming week.

  4. I love the poster! But I can hardly read about the long wait for your computer without cringing. Ours wasn’t a computer, but a gift sweater I was knitting. They had only half the number of skeins I needed, but the shop called the main store and reserved the other three to be delivered within 5 days. So I began happily knitting.
    That was 2 1/2 weeks ago. Still waiting, and I have a half finished sweater that will be no good if matching dye lot skeins aren’t delivered.
    I’ll follow you example and try patience…

    • Oh my! I hope the mail carrier stops at your door tomorrow with the skeins. Make sure you make a log of all the calls you made to the store. I’m glad you like the butterfly poster- it’s a first edition copy.

  5. I am happy to hear your computer is back home and behaving – mine is still a bit temperamental, but going and I am daily thankful for that!! What a lovely day you must have had – family together, successful turkey and a Christmas tree…… you just moved seamlessly from one festival to another 🙂

    Thank you for the pingback and that lovely acknowledgement – it was a nice surprise to see my work somewhere else unexpectedly. I’m glad you like her too 🙂

    Have a great week Elaine xoxo

    • Yes, it was a seamless transition from Thanksgiving to the Christmas tree. I’m proud of my turkey- I’ve only baked a turkey twice!
      Pauline, you are a truly talented artist so all of my acknowledgements will be lovely:)

      I continue to keep my fingers crossed that my good, old computer will continue to behave:)

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