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An exercise in patience!

Aaaaaarrrrrrgggg! My PC has been sitting at a well-known retail store that has a tech department. Do you really want to know how long? Since November 11. I took it in because they called me to follow up on some work they did over a little year ago, which never really got resolved. They found viruses. I have antivirus, but I guess those pesky creatures  knocked out my security and slipped in. What happened to  the original issue with the PC? They can’t figure it out!

I dropped off a letter last Saturday detailing how many times I’ve called the store  for the current situation and what happened last year. No response. I called on Tuesday and told the manager that if don’t hear from him by 10 PM that evening, I would send my letter to the CEO. He did call back before 10 PM with a somewhat favorable response. He promised to call with an update yesterday. He didn’t. He didn’t call today either!

I’m going to exercise a little more patience. I’ll wait. Or, maybe I won’t. Short post tonight. I’m using my iPad and I don’t like using it for blog posts.


19 thoughts on “An exercise in patience!

  1. It’s times like these that we realise how sacred our computers are! We rely so heavily on them and feel detached without them. I hope you get yours back soon – keep up the pressure!

    • Gemma, thank goodness I have a laptop at present.

      I just called the store. Yesterday, the tech told me that they sent out the computer to a different location on Saturday. I asked him to leave a message for the manager to call me. No call came in. When I called today, he told me that he didn’t see the manager. He didn’t leave a note! The computer came back but he doesn’t have a report on it. The manager will be in tomorrow and he will have a report. They ordered part which will arrive tomorrow. The tech doesn’t have any specifics about the part.

      We’re living in the age of technology. The tech didn’t use his tech skills to write an e-mail or leave voice message for the manager. The saga continues.

  2. Oh no – he didn’t follow through ……….. aaargghh!!

    So many stores out there will say anything to get a sale and anything to get rid of you when there is a problem. What has happened to good old ‘good service’ There is just no excuse for poor service! If someone says they will do something I expect them to do it – customers being fobbed off is not good for any business…… and so on and so forth.

    Well that feels better 🙂 I think you should call his bluff Elaine and go over his head.

    I do hope this issue is solved for you soon. Keep calm, but stand your ground.

    I hope your next post is from your working laptop, fingers crossed!

  3. How utterly infuriating. Repeat to yourself, “Calmness, calmness”. I agree regarding blog posts and iPads. But I bought a case for my iPad with a full-size keyboard. It’s great, and now I can use it like a regular computer for most things. Nothing beats my big-screen desktop Mac, though!

    • Caron, I’m also repeating, “patience, patience, be kind with your words…” Thanks for letting me know about your full-size key board. I thought about it at one time. I’m, presently using a laptop. However, I just love my desktop.

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