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The Best Way to Eat a Mango…

The best way to eat a ripened mango is to lean over the kitchen sink, plant your elbows firmly in place, make a small opening at the top, peel back the smooth, soft skin with your teeth, and then bite into the sweet, scrumptious, luscious, velvety flesh of the mango.

Ready to be eaten!

Ready to be eaten!

As the sweetness of this fruit begins to satisfy you, you may forget all the lessons your mama taught you about eating politely and might find yourself licking the juices that ran down your forearm and sucking the fibers on the mango pit until it’s dry. If this happens to you, then you know that you have most certainly entered into mango paradise. If you haven’t eaten a mango in this fashion, then you haven’t truly enjoyed a mango. Of course, I am the queen of opinions with this King of Fruits.

mango pit

It is said that the mango was first grown in India over 4, 000 years ago. You can now find hundreds of varieties of mango trees in tropical and subtropical countries around the world. This fruit is rich in vitamins A and C. It is also high in potassium and fiber.

Mangoes are best if you leave them to ripen on the tree, however you can still enjoy the deliciousness if you pick them when they are full (beginning to ripen) and leave them out at room temperature or enclose them in a brown paper bag.

I’ve been enjoying mangoes for decades – I grew up with mango trees in South America and when I moved to Miami, I felt right at home. Mangoes are in full bloom in June in Miami; ’tis the season of mango madness for me! It is my favorite fruit and I just go crazy with all the mouth-watering mangoes that come into our home.

Mangoes in bloom

Mangoes in bloom

What is your favorite fruit? I’d love to hear about it.

Ah, some music just floated to my ears – the thump of my neighbor’s mango falling in my backyard. It must be time to head to the kitchen sink!

You don't always have to stand over the kitchen sink to eat a mango!

You don’t always have to stand over the kitchen sink to eat a mango!


27 thoughts on “The Best Way to Eat a Mango…

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  2. I love mangoes. Sweetest fruit I could think of. It reminds of happy days at the tropics and the many childhood adventures in the islands.

  3. Drooping mango trees are a sure sign of summer in Miami! This vision elicits some of my most favorite childhood memories of lazy summer days. Ripe ones were always my favorite, although many people ate the green ones marinated in vinegar, salt and pepper. Mango with vanilla ice cream is divine!

    • K, you can still have some of those lazy summer days this mango season. I’ve had mango and vanilla ice cream…yummy! Yesterday I had a slice of mango with some yogurt and I enjoyed it. My family loves the green mango marinated in salt, hot pepper, lime juice, black pepper, and garlic.

  4. You’ve just made us all crave a mango. When I’m feeling civilized, I score the flesh, flip the skin to the backside and use a knife to cut the squares loose into perfect cubes. In less attractive moments, I’ll even pull the seed through my teeth which always results in fibers getting stuck between them. Aah.

    • You’ll have to get a mango in your hand pretty soon! I have a picture in my mind of you pulling the seed:-) I guess I’m often in those less attractive moments. Sometimes I roll the mango on the counter top to soften it and then make a hole at the top and suck the juice up.

  5. Man, now I feel like a mango! You could approach the mango industry with that opening paragraph – I’m sure it would increase their sales! Definitely one of my favourites alongside strawberries. Mango & strawberry together, well – even better 🙂

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