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My Ma’s Hand

In June of 2007, I had the wonderful opportunity of spending a week with my grandmother. It was the last time I was going to see her beautiful smile or hold her soft, aged hands. My Ma, as I call her did not write her life story in pen and paper, but in the way she lived her life. Today’s daily writing prompt is on helping hands. How fitting this topic is for me because I have a beautiful photo my Ma’s aged,  soft, wrinkled, helping hand.

My Ma’s hands…

They nurtured and raised eight children

Worked in the sugar-cane fields, weeding the grass by day

At night those hands tended to her eight children’s needs

From sewing her daughters’ school uniforms to laying down the law

Her hands held and welcomed several grandchildren

Those beautiful hands gently touched and bestowed blessings upon my own children

And in the golden years of her life, when they became old and frail

Her wrinkled hands wrapped around me each time I visited

As if to say this is the last time

The time did come for the final embrace

And that early morning in June as I packed my bags to leave

I knew in my heart that it was the last farewell

The final time I would feel the warmth of my Ma’s hands on my cheeks

And bury myself in her feeble embrace

The memory of my Ma’s hands brings

Beauty to my smiles and laughter in my eyes

I am grateful for my Ma’s helping hands.

My Ma's hand on top of mine

My Ma’s hand on top of mine

21 thoughts on “My Ma’s Hand

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  2. You write beautifully. So much feeling in the words you choose. Writing is such a sharing of the soul. Thank you for sharing

  3. Everytime I hear about a grandmother I feel a twinge because I never knew either of mine and it gives me more determination to be ever there for my sweet grandchildren. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful Ma with us.

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