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Mother: Nurturer, Teacher, and Friend

Today’s daily prompt asks us to write a letter to mom. I gave my mom her letter yesterday. This post is a short reflection.

Every day is Mother’s Day and frankly speaking, we should not wait for this specific day in May to celebrate our moms. Having said that, although I do not tell my mom daily how much I love her or what a blessing she is to me, I am eternally grateful for all she has done to raise me into the woman I am today; the mother I am today. I am thankful for the many lessons she taught me directly and indirectly.

My mother- nurturer, teacher, and friend has helped me to recognize that…

Nothing is a coincidence

Each moment is unique and precious, and once passed it cannot be recaptured

When we ask for something, we ought to ask with the intention of receiving

God places people, situations, and circumstances in our paths to make our lives easier

Each disappointment, hardship, or setback we have, ultimately makes us stronger

People have the ability to collectively channel their thoughts for the greater good

Keeping the spirit of hope alive will make that which seem impossible, possible

Daughters do not truly understand their mothers until they themselves become mothers.

I am proud to be my mother’s daughter!

English: Mother's Day card

Photo credit: Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Mother: Nurturer, Teacher, and Friend

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  2. Wishing your mom an amazing Mother’s Day today and everyday. Our mother gave us a priceless gift of love that to this day inspires us in all what we do. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming, beautiful post.

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