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The Agony of the First Blog Post

Too much staring at the screen today

Too much staring at the screen today (Photo credit: Kaeru)

I sit. I stare. I stop. It’s hard to admit that I have writing paralysis and I’ve only just begun, but at this precise moment, that’s exactly what I have. Just sitting at the computer, churning thoughts over in my head will not get the first post to make its debut. I have to take action by striking these keys.

For months, I’ve been saying that I will get into the world of blogging and for weeks I agonized over the “just right” title. It would appear that every catchy combination of words I envisioned was already taken. Frustration began to seep in and I shelved the idea, but not for long because I knew I had to answer to the people who listened to my excited proclamation about becoming a blogger. Finally, the name hit me…fingerprintwriting!

As I stated in my “About” page,  we all share many similarities and differences, but one thing that is truly unique about us is our fingerprints. I’d like to weave our uniqueness into the tapestry of this blog.

I was both delighted and relieved that at long last the blog (I mean the homepage) was born. Now, I have to build the writing habit and empower myself with the title “blogger”. I’m glad I took action.

I’m still sitting at my desk. I’m no longer staring at the screen. I’m smiling. It’s time to stop and strike…publish.

Smile 2


9 thoughts on “The Agony of the First Blog Post

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  2. Congratulations! I am so proud of you! Oh the places you’ll go…now that you’ve taken this new path in life. Can’t wait to see where it leads :).

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