Got Fortune?

Yesterday, just about high noon, I got my fortune told, not once but thrice. No disgruntled, sleepy genie that was locked away for hundreds of years appeared in a puffy cloud with my fortune. There was no ancient, magical lamp either. My fortunes arrived in three small, crushable, packages of precisely the same size and to the naked eye, they were the same shape. They came cradled in the well known fortune cookies. Not only did I receive the foresight of the wise, I also acquired the winning combination of numbers for the lottery.

Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How I happened to gain possession of these fortunes was not such a fortunate scenario. Keep reading, you’ll see what I mean.

On Friday, I stopped at my neighborhood Chinese restaurant and placed my dinner order. I was hungry. The young lady who took my order told me that the wait time was just 10 minutes, a maximum of 15. She assured me that it won’t be 15 minutes though. I believed her, after all, we’re dealing with fast food here. Eight minutes went by. No food. I went next door to the Jamaican grocery store (they have a restaurant too, but I craved Chinese) and bought a pack of Ovaltine cookies to stave off the Ovaltine Cookieshunger. No luck. I just added weight to the wait. Eleven minutes elapsed and still no food.

The girl was on the phone taking a long order, or so it seemed to me. Everything appears delayed when you are hungry!  Sixteen minutes, no food. Did I say I was hungry? I decided to speak up. “It’s been over 15 minutes, Miss”. The girl acknowledged me by saying, “yes, it’s been a while”. She pushed through the swinging doors and announced, “customer waiting”.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the kitchen doors swung open and the delicious aroma of food stormed the air. As the server handed me the white and red box, she offered a unique apology, “we gave you two extra cookies for the wait, you now have three”. I don’t think she was expecting me to burst  into song. I smiled, despite my annoyance and left.

I didn’t care about exploring my fortunes on Friday- all I wanted to do was enjoy my dinner. It was scrumptious. Was it really? I was super hungry, remember? Yesterday, as I was putting away the four packets of soy sauce, my eyes landed on the fortune cookies. I got my scissors to snip the plastic wrapper (experience taught me not to rip with my fingers, unless I want flying fortune cookies).Fortune Cookies

First fortune: A distant relative will phone you soon. At this time of writing, no relative, not even a distant one has phoned. Maybe, I’ll get a ring tomorrow, or the next day, or who knows when. This fortune came without lucky numbers.

Second fortune: You will overcome many obstacles. Oh no, hardships are coming my way.  How can hardships be lucky? Ah, I see. Obstacles are necessary in life. They are gifts that make us stronger. Is this fortune telling me that I am weak? Okay, I need to grow. No lucky numbers with this one either.

The final fortune: Your mind is filled with new ideas, explore them. How fortuitous, after all, I just started blogging and I do want to explore new ideas. Is my mind really filled with new ideas? I embrace this fortune wholeheartedly. I believe it. I grabbed my camera and the exploration of a new idea was conceived. This blog post is a testament of the fortune I received on that tiny, rectangular slip of paper. This cliche comes to mind: Good things come to those who wait. My long, unfortunate wait (or so I thought) did pay off with a beautiful fortune.

Yes, this fortune came with lucky numbers: 4, 33, 38, 18, 54, 20. Now, let’s see what $$ is in store for me. Then again, one needs play the lottery in order to get a chance at winning.???????????????????????????????

Have you had your fortune told recently? Do share with us.

Here’s what I forecast for you: You will have a spring in your step and a smile on your face as you continue to interact with your fellow bloggers and readers.

Who Throws Cash Away?

Don’t you wish that sometimes our lives, this journey on Earth came with a pause or rewind button? How wonderful it would be to press that pause button when we are surrounded by people who bring joy to us or moments that gladden our hearts. How convenient it would be to press that rewind button and erase the times that caused us pain or hurt.

Recently, I was in a slump that was a shroud that threatened to envelope my smile, my laughter, and my joy. I know I had to do something about because it was making me emotionally exhausted. I did. I was with some eight year olds and I decided to have my own pep talk with them.

Gift of TodayI started off by telling them that each morning we wake up, we receive a gift. I got blank stares. Yes, a gift of a new day was my response. I continued by asking them, “do you ever discard, or throw away a gift?” Their answer came in a chorus of “NO”. Before I could say anything else, one of the boys said, “that would be like throwing cash away”. I was floored. I’ve often heard that wisdom comes from the mouths of babes, but that was the first time I experienced such a profound thought from a child. I told Patrick that I couldn’t have expressed it any better and indeed, if we were to not value the gift of each day, it would be like throwing cash away.

Don't throw that cash away!

Don’t throw that cash away!

Every day is a gift. The decisions we make, be it small or big contribute to how our day unfolds and the impact those choices will have on our lives. Not every day will be glamorous or full of success. Not every day will be peaceful and relaxing. We may not even like what the gift of a day brings. However, our attitude will determine how we embrace each gift.

In my pep talk with myself, I resolved to greet each day with an attitude of gratitude. One way I decided to use my gift of each day was to put a smile on someone’s face. A smile can brighten up someone else’s day. A smile costs nothing and its impact can be far reaching. I choose to make good use of my gift. After all, who wants to throw cash away?

Keep the Handwritten Letter Alive

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? When was the last time you wrote a note or letter in your own hand? The art of handwritten letters seems to be on the endangered list. Would it become extinct? I hope not. I have always enjoyed writing and receiving letters, but of recent I’ve been guilty of not sending out those little white envelopes.

Technology has made our lives easier and is keeping us connected yet, at the same time it seemed to have taken away some of the personal touch that we once enjoyed. Telephone conversations, texting, video messaging, social networks, to name a few, have become so intertwined in our lives that we have forgotten the joy of writing or receiving a handwritten note.

A letter from 1996

A letter from 1996

For me, the handwritten letter is a gift. It is a gift of time. It is also a tangible gift of words that I can reread and get those warm fuzzies all over again. I have a collection of letters and cards since I was a teenager and ever so often I go back to them and lose myself in someone else’s thoughts. I’ve got a bundle of love letters that bring a smile to my face each time I read them. I’m smiling now as I reflect upon the exhilaration and eager anticipation that accompanied each letter I received.

Letters & Cards

Letters & Cards

It is so easy to send a text message or an e-mail, but it is slightly more involved to actually put pen to paper. When someone writes me a letter, I know that that person dedicated time just for me. I was in his or her thoughts throughout the writing and let’s face it, don’t we all want to know that people are thinking of us?

At the beginning of March, I made a decision that I will write one handwritten note or letter per week for two months. Why just two months? It’s easier to set and reach a short goal. I am right on track- last week I sent a “just because” note to a colleague at work and two nights ago I wrote a letter to my friend in Canada. I encourage you to write a note to someone today or this week and be on the look-out for those warm fuzziesJ Let’s keep the art of handwritten letters alive.

The Agony of the First Blog Post

Too much staring at the screen today

Too much staring at the screen today (Photo credit: Kaeru)

I sit. I stare. I stop. It’s hard to admit that I have writing paralysis and I’ve only just begun, but at this precise moment, that’s exactly what I have. Just sitting at the computer, churning thoughts over in my head will not get the first post to make its debut. I have to take action by striking these keys.

For months, I’ve been saying that I will get into the world of blogging and for weeks I agonized over the “just right” title. It would appear that every catchy combination of words I envisioned was already taken. Frustration began to seep in and I shelved the idea, but not for long because I knew I had to answer to the people who listened to my excited proclamation about becoming a blogger. Finally, the name hit me…fingerprintwriting!

As I stated in my “About” page,  we all share many similarities and differences, but one thing that is truly unique about us is our fingerprints. I’d like to weave our uniqueness into the tapestry of this blog.

I was both delighted and relieved that at long last the blog (I mean the homepage) was born. Now, I have to build the writing habit and empower myself with the title “blogger”. I’m glad I took action.

I’m still sitting at my desk. I’m no longer staring at the screen. I’m smiling. It’s time to stop and strike…publish.

Smile 2